Donate Better Things Instead Of Money

Other than these items, there might be many more. Don’t get attached to anything. This will only make huge stack of unused items in the household. So just take stroll and throw away anything you find unused or unnecessary.

Donating certain things for a charity is one of the best ways to help the people in need. There are so many people around the globe lacking many things. While donating money to charity organizations is a great help, there are certain things that are much more useful than money. Money is not the most essential thing to some people. Developing countries like Africa are in need of food and water rather than money while countries facing war like Syria needs help fulfilling their basic needs. Thereby, mentioned below are a few things and ways you can donate things to charity.

Personal and household items

There are people around the world who are victims of poverty. Such people lack necessary items like clothing, sheets, pillows, furniture and more. You can simply help these people by giving away such items. If you have clothes which are in good condition and haven’t been worn much, you can give them. Furniture like old chairs, tables, beds can be useful to them as well. You can even give away cutlery, plates, mugs and cups. These people won’t have enough money nor stores to buy such items. But make sure the items you select are in good condition. Some people tend to give away damaged goods which is unacceptable. Such doings are a huge disappointment.


There are children who love to get a good education but is unable to do so because of the lack of facilities. If you have old books, stationery and school supplies lying around, just get some removalist boxes and pack them. This will be quite useful to these children. Education is a wonderful thing and children who are unable to get such an opportunity are eager to learn something. Helping them in such a way is a very respectable and generous deed.

Items related to hygiene

This includes items such as toilet paper, tampons, sanitary napkins, medicine and more. Pack them in good boxes and close them with tape. You can always find packing tape for sale to help you with it. This way these items will not be damaged or infected in anyway. They need to be packed carefully so that it will be sent in the same way without any harm.


Donating blood and helping out the sick is another great way. You can actually save a life with a little blood donation.

Other than this you can always donate food items (dry food and canned food), water and more. Helping someone through donation shows that there is hope for humanity in this world.

Tips For Making Better Use Of Your Garage

Whether it’s a new garage or an old garage, here are a few tips on making better use of it.

Convert it into a more pleasant place to linger at

If you are going to make any use of your garage, then it’s vital that you convert the space into something more appealing and pleasant. Give it a splash of color, inside and out. Install windows so you have no issue with the ventilation of spending too much time in there working on your vehicle. If you already have windows, take the time to shine it up so that sunshine can seep through the windows and into the space. You might also want to give your garage stools a little update so it’s more comfortable and more inviting to linger.

Organizing the things

Garages are some of the most highly cluttered areas of our homes. Since it doesn’t generally receive a lot of love, garages also happen to look shabby and messed up. Take the time to arrange your garage. Organize your belongings in there better. If you have the for it, use pallet racking or dexion pallet racking to store your things. If not, simple wall shelves and ceiling shelves will do quite well. If you have trouble locating your tools when you really need them, consider installing a magnetic strip on your work station to hold all your tools.

Making it weather proof

How often have you had to abandon working on your vehicle, simply because the weather was too hot or too cold for you to stay in there? Too often to your taste. If so, along with installing used pallet racking unit, we suggest installing a ceiling or wall fan. Though it might be a little costly, it’s also a great idea to get your garage insulated so that you can make better use of it during the winter months. And though you can’t really carpet the floors, you can still have a small rug near your work space so that the part of the floor you generally stand on is a little warmer.

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